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i consider myself a fit and sporty person; i enjoy hiking, camping and all types of team sports. it was a hot spring day when i decided to go for a late moring run around the neighborhood. after putting on my blue one piece leotards and a sweater over top i stepped into my runners, grabbed my water bottle and was off! i usually run for about and hour, depending on how i'm feeling. i started running back towards home after reaching the waterfront, which too about 1/2 hour to reach. as soon as i turned around to jog back i realised that i had to go pee, i probably needed to go for awhile but once i start running my mind seems to forget everything else and i just concentrate on my breathing. i ran for about 15 min with the pressure in my bladder growing stronger. about 15 min from my house was a gas station but since i was keeping up a good heartrate ( and i hated using public washrooms ) i decided to keep running until i got home. as soon as i passed the gas station i could feel taht something was not quite right in my body. in the next couple of minutes the pressure in my bladder got considerably worse and i started to a weird surgling in my lower abdomen every time i took a step; then it started to hurt a bit. i didn't think it was much cause for concern so i kept running. one block later i started to feel a lil dizzy and my heart started pounding a lot harder then it should which was enough for me to slow down my pace to a brisk walk.my bladder had become really full and i quickly reached sown to give it a quick nudge to confirm that i needed to piss and quite soon. the dizziness worstened and i felt slighty faint. thinking it was just the sun i took another swig from the water bottle, but it just got worse. another block down i suddenly felt a sharp pain in my lower abdomen and felt the urge to fart. quickly glanccing around, i let a loud wet one out. right after that i heard a rumbling in my bowels and felt enormous pressure pushing out. i knew it was no longer just gas; i felt the worst urge to poop right then and there! judging by the wet farts and pain i knew it was diarrhea. in the past when this has happened i've always been either at home or close by public washrooms. even though it's super embarressing for others to hear your runny poop streaming intot he toiletit was better than pooping your pants! there was one time i was stuck in traffic and almost shit my tight jeans but i managed to hold it til i got to a gas station. "it's ok" i told myself, "i'll just go to the park across the street, they ususally have washrooms open." suddently the pop surged towards the opening and i had to clench my muscles to stop it from coming out. i guess the diarrhea was putting a lot of pressure in teh whole area so i needed to piss evenmore. i walked in tight steps to the washrooms, eagerly anticipatting sitting down and letting the pressure out. when i turned the corner to the buildin, to my horror was the sign "washrooms closed due to plumbing problems" when i read it i guess i relaxed my muscles and felt a spurt of hot pee wet my cotton panties. i quickly clenched my legs tightly; i could feel the yellow liquid wet right through my panties. i stood there in for several seconds in shock that i had just pissed my leotards, have a bad case of diarrhea in public and am not going to the gas station because i probably now has a large wet spot. biting my lip i glanced down, slightly spread my legs and saw a wet spot about the size of a toonie on teh blue material. sighing, i realised i had another 10 minutes of walking before i got home. i started to walk slowly, trying to hold the water bottle in front of the wet spot. i could feel the piss ready to stream out the second i relaxed. i wished i was wearing jeans so i could pull them up. i felt another fart coming but i kept my butt tightly clenched. about two blocks later, when i thought i might be able to make it another spurt of piss forced it way into my panties! instinctively i crossed my legs and bent over; without the pressure on my ass i felt the poop right at the sphinter ready to dirty my tights and panties. quickly i stood straight up and placed my hand over my butt, clenching my cheeks together. "that as a close one, " i thought and attempted my little baby steps. all of a sudden i leaked more piss into my leotards and i quickly pulled them up and crossed myleggs; the heat was making me too relaxed. my leotards were now now right up my bum crack and front so i must've looked pretty silly. i spurted again, for longer this time and i could feel it starting to run down my thighs. i realised there was no way i could hold my piss until i got home. i wished i was wearing black tights so you couldn't really see any wet spots. i darted into an alley and started to feel weak and dizzy again. i was determined to hold the wet smelly poop in; there was no way i was going to walk in public with a load in my tights. i was 2 blocks away from home, walking with one hand over my bum and the other cupping my bladder with a wet spot about 4 inches in diameter soaking my crotch, the sun and the diarrhea was making me so tired, i was almost ready to give up... all of a sudden i felt dizzy and hot yellow piss started spurting out uncontollably. "oh no, i'm gonna piss myself!" i stood in horror with my legs open as a strong stream of pee gushed right through the thin cotton material and splashed onto the cement! i couldn't stop it any longer! my legs started to feel weak, it felt like i was going to pass out so i grabbed onto a fence. i had no energy left and the brown liquid poop streamed out of me with such force; i tried to stop it but my bowels just kept pushing it all out! the small panties were not able to catch the runny shit as it oozed down my legs, soaking right throught he leotards. wet farts came flying out as well and i could feel the poop sliding as far down as the back of my knees. after about 10 seconds i regained composure and all the pressure was gone, i had pissed and pooped myself completely.

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