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Ariel is a slim petite girls who is always caught in a hard place ! Her problem is that she waits too long to use the loo , waiting until her bladder is bursting and full of pee before she even considers making the move to go towards the washroom, or in some cases , making the mad dash for i t. Today she was wearing her skintight blue jeans and white cotton panties underneath. She had to pull them up constantly , giving her a cameltoe down there , but that was the only way she could stop the warm pent up pee from spurting out and wetting her panties and her tight jeans ! Wetting herself in public would be very embarrassing and humiliating , especially if someone saw and witnessed her public accident ! Ariel crossed her legs tightly to prevent soaking her tight jeans and continued to walk towards home this rainy day . Uh oh , all of a sudden a huge spurt of pee wet right through her panties and she had to grab her crotch in desperation . She had never had to pee this bad before , she was certain that she wouldn't be able to hold it now until she foudn a bathroom . She ran up to her old college but it was closed since it's saturday , so she was locked out and very desperate to pee now ! Her tight jeans were pushing into her full bladder and it was a very uncomfortable feeling but she didn't just want to take off her jeans and panties and pee naked in front of the empty school , who knows who might walk by and witness it ? "Maybe there's a janitor inside and he can let me in to use the toilets so I don't wet my pants outside like a little girl " she thought to herself. She thought she could maybe find some bushes in the back so she could pee naked without being seen , but as soon as she hobbled down the stairs to the back of the school it was too late ! Her full bladder couldn't hold it anymore and piss just started spurting out uncontrollably into her panties . She stood there in horror as the pee gushed out into her panties soaking right through her skin tight jeans . The pent up smelly urine gushed out forcefully wetting her butt completely , her jeans couldn't hold it and it gushed out splashing onto the ground , into her shoes and socks wetting them completely . Ariel started crying in shame at wetting her jeans & looked furtively around to see if anyone was watching this ! Her pee formed a huge puddle on the concrete floor and started running down the slope in rivers . Ariel has pissed her pants in public !

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