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Walking home from a study session at my friends , i decided to cut through the park . i drank a large glass of water earlier and then shared a large pop before i left for my walk home . of course that was 15 min ago since i left and my bladder really filled up quickly , i still had close to 10 minutes to go. the need to pee was getting a lot worse as i cut through the wooded area before the park . i entertained the idea of ducking behind a tree and pulling my pants down but there were several people walking their dogs so i didn't want to take that chance , besides , what's several more minutes of waiting anyways.once i walked through the park it's only the up the hill one block and i'm home free. i imagined the relief i would feel peeing into the toilet after holding it for so long... oops, i almost let a little bit go. as i cleared the wooded area i could feel a lot of gas building up inside of me, thus making the pressure on my bladder even worse. i didn't want to fart just in case it'd relax my bladder as well. i kept walking and massasing my lower abdomen but it did little to relieve the pressure. i decided to let out a fart for some relief. as i loosened my sphinter to let out some gas a spurt of warm piss jetted out! i clenched my thighs together and pulled my jeans up tightly to stop the flow. glancing around nervously , i felt myself and sure enough it had soaked through my skin tight jeans and made a small wet spot. "oh this is so embarrassing, i hope i don't run into anyone i know!" i steadied myself for a minute and thought about just whipping my pants down, but i could hear voices just past the park. the fart did not do much to relieve the pressure , in fact in got worse real quick from all the water passing through me . i resumed walking but the sun was making me hot and relaxed. suddenly a a stream of piss gushed out, completely soaking my panties! "oh gawd, why didn't i wear a skirt?" i crossed my legs and took some deep breaths and started to walk again. as soon as i uncrossed my legs the piss started pouring out through my tight stretch jeans "oh shit! i'm wetting myself!" i dropped my backpack and leaned back onto the chainlink fence in a squating position, my piss just streaming out and making a pool in the sand underneath. it was too late to stop it so i just relaxed as it soaked my bum completely. some farts flew out as i pissed my jeans and i could feel my insides rumbling. i knew that i'd have to poop soon enough, i hope i can get home in time before i have another accident , and this one would be a very messy poop accident ! I couldnt' believe that I just totally wet my jeans & had a fully public accidental wetting . This was too embarrassing !

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