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"Ewww... gas station washrooms are so gross" I thought as I drove by one. I moved the seatbelt off of my bladder, easing the pressure. "Only a little while longer, oh, I hope I can make it home!" I had left the mall after my shopping excursions; they had a huge sale on tight, stretch jeans. Which is what I'm wearing right now, with white cotton panties underneath. The jeans were so tight you could see the panty lines. I had drank a large hot chocolate earlier but had forgotten to use the washrooms in my rush to get home to watch "Law & Order." My bladder really filled up the last 10 minutes and it was uncomfortable to sit, so I tired leaning back. I wanted to cross my legs but I couldn't since I was driving. The milk in the hot chocolate had made me gassy as well so I was extremely desperate. I lifted my butt of the seat a bit to try and fart, as I did that, my piss surged towards the opening! I had to quickly clench my thighs and grab my crotch area before I leaked anymore. As I pulled into the parking lot, I started to relax; I'm almost home! As I got out of the car it felt like my bladder was going to burst. Pulling my jeans up tight I slammed the door and tried to walk quickly up the stairs to my place. I glanced down and couldn't see a wet spot so I felt myself down there and sure enough it was slightly damp. I hoped I wouldn't run into anyone as I walked down the hallway. Every step I took jiggled my bladder and reinforced my need to get to a toilet. I have to stop once in the hall as some piss leaked out into my panties. My heart pounding as I fumbled for the keys to open my door, I imagined the relief I'd feel as I'di pull down my pants to sit on the toilet. That thought along with the desperations and anticipation made me squirt out another warm jet of pee into my panties. I was too busy trying to close the door and open the bathroom door to stop it from coming out. I doubled over as it poured out, soaking right through my tight jeans and dribbling down the insides of my thighs. I got into the washroom and was struggling with the zipper as it came gushing out! I couldn't hold it in any longer! I finally got my zipper down, pulled my jeans down and quickly sat on the toilet in my white underwear, hot pee gushing right throught he crotch area and splashing onto the water below. I surveyed the damage to my stretch jeans, they were soaked right up my bum and all the way down the inseams. Some of the piss had trickled into my black boots as well. After I finished peeing I decided to pull my jeans back up and button them, just to see what it would feel like; wearing pissy warm jeans.

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