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Todays video update to download has the lovely pornstar Sinn Sage. Sinn was instructed to hold her morning pee and go into the Dr's office to give a sample. But the doctor is, of course, running late and she has to sit and hold her full bladder!  She tries leaning back to relieve the waistband pressure from her tight blue jeans but it's not working and she has to grab her crotch while squirming around desperately!! She starts leaking pee through her jeans & onto the exam table, making a small pool off yellow pee at her crotch area!! Sinn can't stop the flow and she leaps off the table and completely and totally pisses her skintight jeans in shock and embaressement!!! She's motionless to stop all that pee she's held all night and morning and it's glistening on the blue denim!  She's even more embaressed when the hot doctor comes in to see her and sees the huge puddle of pee, Sinn crying and having to explain what happened. THe Dr. is sympathetic and tells her she'll have to make another appointment to give her sample another time. Sinn is super mortified and horrified at having wet her jeans. CUte little behind the scenes bit where she peels off her peed in jeans and even her panties


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