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Janira Wolfe (Sunny) is back at ineed2pee and she's got to finish reading a desperation story as she prances and does her best to keep her grey jeans dry while she's reading it. You can hear the desperation and franticness in her voice as she tries to read a story about a girl pissing her pants while trying super hard not to piss her own pants... that makes it so much worse! A little bit of pee escapes into her jeans, making a set spot on her crotch and butt but she stops the flow. LOTS of hard crotch grabbing and exaggerated movements before her hot pee starts flowing into her denim and making a nice puddle at her feet. Nice wet feet shots too and Behind The Scenes of her talking about how badly she had to pee and what a relief it was! Great and real female pee desperation and jeans wetting with Janira Wolfe at ineed2pee


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