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Great female pee desperation video with a very desperate waitress who clearly has a full bladder and is trying her best to keep her pants dry and remain calm despite a finniky  annoying customer asking stupid questions about free range chicken & gluten free what not... and what's in an arnold palmer!?!?! Seriously!? Where is the other waitress? She's stuck out here by herself... as she comes & goes you see her INCREASING desperation... it's getting so bad at the end she's grabbing her crotch and bending over in desperation that she can't even stand up straight! She starts pissing her pants while talking to the customer at the table and he doesn't notice at first but then he realizes her pants are getting wet & dark streaks of pee are streaming down her legs, making a very YELLOW puddle of pee around her wedge sandals!! Wow, so much pee just pours out of her, she is paralyzed until her bladder is empty!  She is so horrified and embaressed and starts apologizing and crying as she staggers off, the customer is in shock all the while & vowing never to come back!


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