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"I hope it's over soon," Nina thought as she watched the hottest actor of all time pull out all the punches on the bad guys.
She was watching her favorite cop drama show on TV again; she never missed a week and stayed glued to the telly religiously.
She had drank two glasses of water and a cranberry juice earlier; it was part of her stay healthy regimen. You know, drink 8
glasses of water a day kick that she was on.

Of course her bladder was filling up very quickly, but she didn't want to miss anything by going to the bathroom, even during the commercial
breaks where they showed previews of the next episode! It was only 10 minutes left for the show, so she leaned back in her chair & pulled her
tight white stretch pants up tightly and crossed her legs. At times where she was so engrossed in the show,Nina had to press her hands to her crotch a few times since it felt like hre piss was
going to overflow into her cotton panties! She tried to push that uncomfortable feeling of her bladder being so full to the back of her mind and concentrate on the TV.
Nina didn't hear her roommate going into the bathroom and locking the door to take a shower as she was still watching. "Finally, the show is over!" she thought as the ending credits rolled.

"Now I can finally go!" She got up quickly and the waistband pushed into her bladder, almost making her squirt her pent up pee into her pants. She crossed her legs fast to stop any flow.
As she started walking to the bathroom she realised the pressure of her overly full bladder was much greater than when she was sitting leaning back! Nina often did this, waited too long to
use the toilets. "well at least it's only a few more steps!" She rounded the corner with her hands cupping her bladder and saw that the door was closed! She could hearthe shower running inside
the bathroom and realised that her roomie was showering! In panic, she relaxed her muscles just for a second and a spurt of hot pee squirted out into her blue panties! She crossed her legs hard
and bent over gasping. "Oh no, it's going to come out!" She breathed deeply and managed to control and stop the flow before it showed. Nina turned the doorknob and it was locked! "Oh crap, she's
going to take forever in there!" She looked around to speculate where she could peel off her tight pants and let loose her pee; the sink had dishes in it and the neighbhors were havign a loud
barbeque in the backyard, so those options were out. It felt like her bladder was about to burst; all that water and juice was ready to get out now! She banged on the bathroom door but her roomie couldn't
hear her. She had to pee so bad at that point, her legs were feeling weak and she was getting sweaty from all the concentration & effort in holding it in. She stood in front of the locked door for a couple
minutes speculating on what to do next. Maybe she could pee into some old newspapers? Or find an empty container to piss into? Nina thought about the relief she could feel if she could just inside that one door,
and how once she got in there she could unbutton her tight pants and peel them off and pee forcefully into the toilet. That thought and the sound of hearing the shower water splashing relaxed her mind and
her muscles subconciously. Nina's legs were shaking as the first big spurt of warm pee jetted out into her cotton panties, soaking right through her pants! It all happened so fast that she couldn't stop the
second spurt or the third! The floodgates were let loose and her hot yellow pee just gushed out in relief; she could feel the liquid streaming down her legs and wetting her butt. Nina looked down and watched
the streams of liquid bursting through her thin pants and splashing onto the floor, creating a huge puddle under her feet! the feeling of relief of her emptying bladder was heavenly though and she went into a
trance-like state as it all relaxed and she felt the warmth spreading all down her legs and behind. Nina must have stood there with her shaking legs for at least a minute, fully wetting her tight white pants.
If anyone saw her they would see her blue panties, now showing through the transparent white, wet material. "Oh my goodness! This is so embaressing, I can't believe I peed my pants like a little girl again. Oh why do
I always wait til the last second to go?" she thought as she surveyed her soaking see-through pants and the huge puddle of yellow pee on the linoleum in shame. "I've got to get this cleaned up before my roomie gets
out of the shower!!" She undid the zipper & started peeling the wet fabric off her slim legs and thinking "I hope she can't smell the pee when she comes out!" Little did Nina know, but her roomie was standing in the shower
peeing through her white cotton panties as Nina was outside wetting her pants.

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