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During rush hour the LRT train is always packed to the brim, not as bad as it is in Japan where they have designated people to help cram you in, but it was close today! Cynthia ( Cyn for short ) & I were coming home from a girls afternoon downtown where we had manicures, went to the mall & window shopped, tried on clothing & the usual girlie stuff. Earlier we had a large coffee and I also had a bottled water since I’m trying to learn to keep hydrated & healthy, but we wanted to beat the rush hour crowd so we beelined it to the LRT station downtown. What I SHOULD HAVE done was find the nearest toilets, but I really didn’t need to go badly then. Now we were both elbow to elbow and only half way done the ride home… another 10 minutes to go, but that bottled water rushed through me and now was sitting in my poor aching bladder. I was wearing flat ballet shoes, a white tshirt and my tightest medium grey skinny jeans with zippers on the bottom by the ankles. They were the stretchy kind with only 2% spandex, so they were VERY TIGHT… and WAY TOO TIGHT around my bladder, which was still slowly filling up!!

I grimaced and pulled up grey jeans up even higher, hoping that the crotch seams pressing against me would help hold back the pee so I wouldn’t have to concentrate every second to hold it in. “Cyn, I’m busrting, like seriously. It’s right on the edge…” I was relieved when Cyn admitted she had to pee as well and noticed that she already had the slim legs crossed tightly as she held onto the siderails. I guess I was too preoccupied with my own desperation to even notice her! Cyn was wearing white leggings over a tunic top, and “boyfriend” cut panties that showed a vsible panty line in the back. I was glad I had my jeans on to provide some type of barrier and support on my area to help prevent pissing myself, or so I hoped. I felt my stomach grumble and gurgling and felt a lot of sudden pressure on my bowels. Oh crap, I guess the coffee & cream made me gassy, and the pressure of the farts were making my bladder hurt even worse. I wanted to fart but I didn’t want everything to relax or else I’ll piss my jeans in the crowded train!! I could feel a fart right at the opening so I relaxed back there & it squeeked out loudly; it was loud enough that no one noticed but a few people close by certainly smelt it and looked around. But it felt better on my bladder… for about 2 minutes, until the train screeched to a halt at the station!! The jerking motion made me lose balance and as I stumbled, grabbing onto Cyn & the handrail, I relaxed a tiny bit and a tiny spurt of warm piss escaped and I would feel it wetting my lips & panties!!! I quickly crossed my legs & bent over; I didn’t want to grab my crotch since we’re in public! Phew, it was just one small spurt, but I could feel the rest wasn’t far behind if I lost my concentration again like that. “Cyn, some came out in my panties. Does it show? Is there a wet spot?” Cyn started laughing and looked down in shock. “No I can’t see anything.” I thought maybe we should just get off at the next stop and find a park or bushes where I could pull down my pants & pee to my hearts content, but it was only 3 more stops until my stop…. AND THEN A 3 BLOCK WALK HOME! As the train lurched to leave the station I almost spurted some more in my white panties, so I had to quickly push my hand into my crotch, hoping that no one would notice. But some guys sitting across from us noticed and started snickering to themselves. “oh please please, don’t let me piss my jeans right here!” I tried to compose myself but I was shaking inside. Holding both my farts and pent up piss is a lot of effort on all my muscles, I can’t relax at all, let along keep up a conversation with Cyn.

FINALLY it’s my stop, I hobbled with my knees together to the exit but every step jiggled by sensitive bladder and bowels and I could feel the warm pee right near the hole, ready to escape if I took too big of a step or relaxed even for a second! A pile of other people got off with us and got on the escalator down to the street level. Some giggly teen girls pushed by me on the escalator, almost making me tumble forward. I grabbed the handrail, almost losing my balance and a spurt of pee gushed out, soaking my crotch and panties! I gasped loudly and had to grab my belt to pull up my jeans tight to stop any kind of flow from happening. All of a sudden I felt a piercing pain in my lower tummy and felt my insides gurgling, CRAP it’s diahhrea time! There is no mistaking the sharp pains from a liquid poop attack, esp when the mess is rushing towards the opening like a frieght train out of control and the only barrier is your panties & jeans! By the time I reached the bottom of the stairs I was gasping and I had to tell Cyn my predicament, much to my embaressment. ” I need to shit, like seriously. I need to get home right now!” Because of my lower tummy filling with poop and farts, it was now pushing on my bladder even more. So my urgency to piss just got way worse than if I didn’t need to shit. I had to walk in small close steps, keeping my thighs close together to keep the muscles tight. Any relaxing of either the back or the front muscles & I would have one smelly mess in my jeans.

Only 3 blocks to go. I hurriedly jabbed the crosswalk button to wait for the light to change so I can cross. It was almost worse standing still because the pressure was really pushing down on both sides, front and back! I stood rigid with my legs crossed over eachother. Cyn was staring at me in shock & amusement & I’m sure I looked very worried. Finally the light changes so I start walking fast as I could across the street, the liquid poop sloshing around inside, just inside the opening which took all my might to clench tight. As soon as I cross the street I was able to stand still for a second to cross my legs tightly; I just needed a moment to collect myself. Even then I started having thoughts of “what if I just can’t make it? Should i try finding some bushes to hide in so I can take down my jeans & shit in the bushes??” I knew even as I was thinking of the question that the answer would be no, since it’s all residential houses here and unless I wanted to tresspass & get into trouble… that was NOT an answer. I walked as gingerly as I could with my thighs close together, breathing slow and steady as I went. My lower tummy was bulging out, stretching my waistband and my belt. My belt!! I quickly undid my belt 2 notches and some of the pressure and pain was relieved off my bladder… but not my bowels!! Before I could stop it, a very wet fart flew out followed by what felt like a surge of warm liquid and I stopped dead and clenched my butt hard! Cyn heard the nasty loud fart and her jaw dropped “holy shit, did you just shit yourself?” “Almost I think, that might’ve been kind of wet” and instinctively I almost started giggling at the thought of a wet fart staining my nice white cotton panties. Well I had already spurted some pee into my undies so they were already a bit damp. Because I farted, some the pressure was relieved and I was able to start walking briskly again. About a block & a half away from home, a toilet = safety, my lower bowels started convulsing madly, including pains and I could feel the liquid poop trying to force it’s way out any way it can. I doubled over and held my stomach in pain, groaning loudly. Turned out to be a bad move since it just pushed my bladder & bowels at once and a huge spurt of piss jetted out, flying right through my thin paties and right through the skintight denim pressed against my crotch. Cyn, who was behind me, saw the dribble through my crotch. I felt my shit starting to come out and quickly grabbed both my crotch to stop the piss and pushed my hand against my butt. It didn’t matter how stupid I looked now; the only thing was to not pee & poo myself outside. Everything seemed to move in slow motion, my breathing got really fast & my skin flushed hot while my bowels kept convulsing. My breathing seemed like the loudest thing in my head; I didn’t even notice a car full of guys that has slowed down to stare and point at me. Cyn yelled “what the fuck are you staring at!? Keeping fucking driving!” Great… can we get anymore attention at me soiling myself?

Cyn noticed ” hey Amanda’s car is here. Let’s use her bathroom!” Amanda is an aquiantance of ours at work that just happened to live by me so it was better than trying to walk the last 1.5 blocks. BUT… if i didn’t make it then Amanda would see me soil my jeans!! It was a chance I’d have to take since I was starting to get dizzy from the diarrhea attack & cramps. Cyn opened the gate and I started hobbling up the stairs, still holding both ends with my hands tightly. I could feel my hand getting wet with piss as more of it leaked out every step up I took, it dripped off my fingers and I could smell the urine. It made a HUGE wet spot on my crotch I’m sure but I didn’t stop to look down & inspect it. Cyn ran up ahead and started knocking on the door hard. I made it up the stairs and stood there, pulling my waistband all the way up so the crotch seam pressed hard into my crotch and crossed my legs tightly, breathing heavily and looking scared. It felt like forever but finally the door opened & it was Amanda “hey guys, what’s up?” I was trying not to cry as Amanda looked over at me and gave me a strange look; I was still holding my waistband up with one hand behind my butt & a dark wet stain on my crotch. Cyn explained I needed to use the bathroom right away and I couldn’t make it home. Amanda was like “sure, it’s straight down the hall and on the right.” opening the door wider so we can get in. The thought of the available toilet being sooooo close made my mind relax and I stopped clenching just for a second… bad move!!! A stream of hot yellow PEE jetted out so fast, it streamed right through the denim and splashed onto the porch between my legs. Both girls jaws dropped and I felt Cyn pushing me from behind into the door “go, go! You can make it!”


I hobbled inside and out of the corner of my eyes I saw 2 other girls I didn’t recognise in the living room & they were looking shocked at me. I didn’t have time to say hi and I kept hobbling, tight kneed, down the hall, my poor bursting bladder jiggling with every single movement. I pracically fell into the bathroom & didn’t even shut the door, but positioned myself with my back to the toilet. I had to let go of my crotch & ass to lift the toilet seat & start undoing my belt, all while doing the pee pee dance. At this point my legs were shaking from all the holding on & clenching, as I frantically tried to undo my belt but it was too late!! My bladder couldn’t take it and a huge stream of piss gushed out and I can’t stop it!! I continued pissing my skin tight jeans as I undid the belt, button zipper and yanked them down as best I could, along with my now soaking wet yellow panties. The piss had stained my jeans all the way down to my knees in huge streaks & I couldn’t stop it now!! I fell back onto the toilet, relieved of my panties & denim and even before my ass hit the seat, my sphinter gave up holding on involuntarily and the wet diarrhea sprayed out of me. I sat there with my hands by my sides as my body uncontrollably emptied itself, a huge stream of very yellow and pungent pee out the front & a nasty stream of dark liquid poo splashing onto the water below. I felt it back splashing onto my butt & I kept shuddering my my body voided itself… ahhh the relief felt so great as everything hissed and plopped loudly below me into the toilet. It sounded so loud too, with it echoing inside the toilet and inside the small bathroom. Wet smelly farts flew out with the liquid shit, it was so embaressing. I was so focussed on keeping it all inside that I didn’t notice Cyn & Amanda staring at me standing in the doorway probably the whole time! “shut the door!” They closed the door and I could hear them giggling outside. I was so mortified that they saw me piss myself and 2 seconds away from shitting my skintight jeans but I was too tired from the ordeal to yell at them.

After the last trickle fell out of me, I wadded my hand up with toilet paper and started cleaning my ass as best I could, wiping off the creamy poop and the watery splashback off my ass. The smell was overwhelming & I looked in the toilet before flushing, seeing the dark brown mess mixed with the yellow urine and was thankful it didn’t all go inside my tight jeans. My whole body & mind was drained from that desperate ordeal and my hands were shaking as I surveyed the damage: the white panties were completely stained in the front & apparently one of my wet farts came out a little too wet… there was a dark brown shit stain showing up very nicely on the white cotton. I pulled them back up & it felt cold & clammy on my crotch. I had to wiggle back on my jeans sicne they were now wet down to the knees, in the front only, it didn’t show up at the back fortunately. It buttoned & zipped up easily since my tummy was no longer bloated anymore. I washed my hands & found some of Amanda’s perfume to spray near the toilet to cover up the poop smell. Oh man, I had to get more toilet paper to wipe off the shit splashback on the toilet seat too. I was so embaressed but I walked out to the living room where Cyn started apologising for laughing at me but I didn’t care, I just wanted to go home and change. I made the girls promise not to tell anyone at work about this, thanked Amanda for letting me use the bathroom and started out the door. I saw the small puddle of piss on the front porch was almost dried up & stepped over it, walking down the stairs with as much dignity as I could while wearing pissed jeans & sporting a big poop stain in my now yellow panties. See more FREE FEMALE WETTING VIDEOS NOW!

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